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PTA Important Dates - 2023/2024 School Year

August 2023

  • Thursday, 8/24 - Open House 4:00pm to 5:00pm for last names A - L; 5:15pm to 6:15pm for last names M - Z

  • Monday, 8/28 - First day of school

Assorted school supplies laid out on a yellow background. The middle reads "Back To School"

Picture Description: Assorted school supplies on yellow background, words in middle say

Back To School

September 2023

  • Friday, 9/1 - PTA sponsored Back to School popsicles for all students

  • Monday, 9/5 VIP Carpool Tickets on sale

  • Tuesday, 9/5 - PTA General Membership Meeting via Google Meet 6:30pm

  • Thursday, 9/14 - Fall Book Fair begins in gymnasium and runs until 9/21

  • Tuesday, 9/19 - VIP Carpool ticket sales end

  • Wednesday, 9/20 - VIP Carpool drawing (winners will be notified via phone call)

  • Thursday, 9/21 - Spirit Night at McDonald's (McGee's Crossroads)

Empty Classroom

Picture Description: A classroom with desks facing a whiteboard, door on right

October 2023

  • Monday, 10/2 - Penny Wars begins

  • Friday, 10/6 - Penny Wars ends

  • Friday, 10/13 - PTA Sponsored  Fall 'Spooky' Carnival for grades 3 through 5 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (indoor/outdoor event)

  • Friday, 10/27 - PTA sponsored popcorn for all students


Picture Description: Up close of orange pumpkins with long stems

November 2023

  • Monday, 11/13 - APEX Leadership Fundraiser (POWER) begins

  • Friday, 11/17 - PTA sponsored mini cupcakes for all students

  • Friday, 11/17 - Buddy Bench donations begin

Fall Tokens

Picture Description: Assorted Fall themed decor on a black background 

December 2023

  • Monday, 12/4 - Holiday Shop (Fun Services) begins and runs to 12/8.

  • Saturday, 12/9 - PTA Sponsored Breakfast with Santa

  • Tuesday, 12/12 - PTA General Membership Meeting at the Holiday Chorus/Tree Lighting; flyers with mid-year report will be provided.

Bauble on Tree

Picture Description: An upclose shot of a blue ornament with a snowflake hanging on a tree branch with a little bit of snow on it.

January 2024

  • Thursday, 1/4 - VIP Carpool Tickets on sale

  • Thursday, 1/18 - VIP Carpool Ticket sale ends

  • Friday, 1/19 - VIP Carpool drawing (winners will be notified via phone call)

  • Wednesday, 1/24 - Ms. B's Bake Shop Spirit Night

Frozen Berries

Picture Description: Frozen berries on a tree branch

February 2024

  • Thursday, 2/1 - PTA Sponsored  Someone Special Dance for last names A-L 6:30pm to 8:30pm

  • Friday, 2/2 - PTA Sponsored  Someone Special Dance for last names M-Z 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Heart Balloons

Picture Description: Light pink lockers up against a pink wall. One lock is open with pink

and red heart balloons in it.

March 2024

  • Friday, 3/22 - Spring Book Fair begins in gymnasium and runs until 3/28

  • Thursday, 3/28 - Field Day

Clover Leaves

Picture Description: A field of 4 leaf clovers

April 2024

  • Friday, 4/12 - PTA Sponsored ice cream sandwiches for all students

  • Friday, 4/19 - PTA Sponsored Spring Carnival for grades K through 2 from 4:30pm to 6:30pm (indoor/outdoor event)

Pink Blossom

Picture Description: A blossoming tree with pink buds up against a clear blue sky

May 2024

  • Monday, 5/6 to Friday, 5/10 - Staff Appreciation Week

  • Wednesday, 5/8 - PTA General Membership Meeting in-person or via Google Meet 6:00pm *time adjusted from 6:30 to 6:00*

  • Friday, 5/31PTA Sponsored popsicles for all students

Pink Hyacinths

June 2024

  • Thursday, 6/7 - Last day of school!

Picture Description: A close up of a blooming bright pink flower


Picture Description: Yellow, red, and white popsicles surrounded by fruit on a granite


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